A Successful Exorcism

Here is an unsolicited account sent in for publication by someone who has experienced an exorcism first hand.

Ms Jacqui Burford states: I have lived in my house since 1980. It is an old school built around 1897. Ever since I moved in there I have found it hard to get on with all those necessary chores, tasks etc., just wanting to sit down and read. This has got worse over the last few years and I had a feeling that there was someone here.

Poppy, the Psychic Bichon Frise

A few weeks ago two friends from my church, Lyn Guest de Swarte and Cathy Gibb, came and stayed with Poppy my dog, whilst I was doing a tea party in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease charity (the illness from which my husband died )and they spent their time dog-sitting watching the men’s Wimbledon tennis final on the TV. They didn’t remark on anything untoward about their afternoon.

A short while after this occasion I thought I’d ask Lyn if she had sensed anyone in my house while she had been there. She gave me a searching look and then said that actually she had, but would not have mentioned it. So saying, she then offered to come over as my friend but also in her official capacity as a Minister with my other friend who is also her Deacon, Cathy, and perform an exorcism.

They came yesterday and proceeded with the exorcism; whilst it was happening and we were praying I got pains in my side and head, and started coughing. As soon as The Lord’s Prayer was completed, the pains, the coughing and my headache were gone. I felt as if a ton weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Last night I slept well; this morning I got up feeling good, and the house now seems peaceful and light. Today I have been out shopping, doing lots of chores, finishing on a high with a night out at the Maltings cinema with Lyn and Cathy to see ‘Liberace’.
Whilst I was sceptical that this would make any difference, I can definitely say both I and the house feel different today!

18.08.2013 Jacqui Burford

As a rider to this story Rev Lyn mentions how Poppy the dog was instrumental in bringing this happy ending about. Firstly by needing a sitter while her beloved mistress was out that afternoon organising that fund-raiser, and secondly how Poppy sat in for the entire exorcism , including the Holy Communion and she was seen to bow her head and place her front paws over her eyes when Rev Lyn said, “Let us pray”. When the Rev had been sprinkling the Holy Water she’d been prompted to sprinkle some over Poppy’s bedding, toys, and to put a drop in her drinking bowl.

Afterwards, when it was all over, Poppy ran round the house appearing to be looking everywhere – and obviously finding the previous unpleasant energy absent – proceeded to leap around joyfully more than usual!

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