Creation not Evolution?

Those who believe that evolution is a fact, which means that something has to be based on demonstrable evidence, and not a theory, which is that which is only ever a supposition requiring little or nothing to support it in reality, then those who accept it should ask themselves how that evidence compares to that for Intelligent Design and the existence of a multi-dimensional universe of both spirit and matter.

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

By the same token, those who say that the physical and material life is all there is, that the universe and this world within it came about by accident, and among those are many who profess a nominal adherence to a particular religion while denying that all life is based on an eternal exterior existence of spirit, should be made aware that this can be proved by a better scientific extrapolation than that pressed into the service of supporting the theoretical basis for believing in evolution.

As for all those who count themselves as believers of their own religious faiths, the majority are quite satisfied to allow a group of the more than usually inclined to the spiritual aspects of life to lead them in their devotional deliberations, and to interpret for them the revelations of spirit given information relayed by those we commonly call prophets– particularly on how they are to lead their material lives – and that have been written down by a literate minority through the ages past.

So it isn’t really surprising to find so many who are sceptical of the part a Creator has played to produce the place they presently live in, claiming affiliation to any religion that removes the responsibility of actually thinking very deeply about its origins, or indeed its rituals, laws and ceremonies. All religious groupings offer spiritual leadership with advice and comfort and give a sense of belonging and purpose in this life to which all human beings respond.

Charles Darwin

They all also speak of a life beyond the physical…Whether they promise a paradise for the faithful as an immediacy on the death of the body as in Islam, or a sleep until the last trump when all the faithful shall be resurrected in their old bodies to be sent to heaven after judgement, as in Judaism and orthodox Catholic Christianity, or to be clothed in glory to be with Jesus the Christ as soon as they shuffle off this mortal coil, these major world religions all promise their followers a life eternal.

The problematic triune question for them, sceptic and believer alike, given they feel themselves to have followed the ordinarily ethical precepts as laid down for them by their respective religious leaders, accepting the notion of deity and so be deserving of living on in these Elysian conditions, is where is this place to which their essence travels, of what substance is their essence, and can this state of immortality be true?

Spiritualism of course contains all the answers, embodied in one. We are all spirit, of the One Spirit that both completely pervades and encompasses the universe and we can all be aware of those who have lived in it physically and are now discarnate living on in another dimension through the practices of genuine mediumship.

Indeed it was through mediumship, the ability to access the highest spiritual realms and those entities there residing being able to communicate with willing (or even not so willing) mediums, those sensitive to spiritual emanations on the earth plane, that many teachings were given, and manifestations of spirit origin took place, that were either written when they occurred or recorded orally and later written down, to be considered rightly, considering their inspirational sources, as sacred texts.

For those questioning the veracity of a created universe, the idea of a spirit world coexistent with the physical would concomitantly be considered ludicrous. There must be great difficulty for them in being expected to accept supernormal, supernatural or metaphysical narratives within their own religion’s writings. However they could do a lot worse than reread these texts from the viewpoint of Spiritualist understanding.

Let us take the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, for even those who accept those books within its canon are often convinced that the spirit engendered happenings therein, if they happened, are only of the times in which they took place and no further revelation has been made.

Neither do they have the knowledge to which Spiritualists are privy that would not only give them a faith grounded on the reality of Spirit and spirit input, but would also allow them to see how some of the strictures and many of the prohibitions came to be written…

The question of talking to the dead and indeed entering into conversation with them has always fascinated huge swathes of the human population since time began…
With the dawning of self-consciousness comes an awareness of both a spiritual aspect of oneself and of some greater invisible world without. There also appears to be an inbuilt understanding of everything having been brought into being by purposeful thought. A feeling of God within and God without.

Humankind has always expressed this awareness by coming together in groups with their various interpretations that always seem to require some associated ceremonials and rituals to accompany the information that has been relayed through those individuals sensitive to spirit world emanations and communications.

Unfortunately these various interpretations have led to many a schism within religious enclaves even where they express themselves to be of the same ilk, taking for an obvious instance those of Moslems, Jews and Christians. While we know that some followers of these major religions have Spiritualist leanings, the most marked differences are those heightened by the existence of those who identify themselves as Spiritualists within Christianity, and many whose denomination is in fact Christian Spiritualist.

There are many Christian sects who do not admit of what we term Spiritualist understandings. Indeed, those wonderful Biblical reports of Spirit and spirit generated activity, prophecies, messages to individuals from individuals in the spirit realms, sundry communications from the Most High and His angels, healing and other ‘miraculous’ events are accepted as ‘acts of faith’ or assumed to be only of that time, therefore ending around 70 CE/AD.

The sciences of geology and archaeology used in support of evolutionary theory have authenticated many of the historic events in the Bible that had been party to those spiritually inspired elements that were recorded albeit thereafter, if not at the actual time of their enactment. Of course the one doesn’t validate the other in a court of law – but there are those witness statements.

Now there is in Spiritualism, as well as the philosophy and science, the same desire for comfort, advice and spiritual (often construed as emotional) wellbeing as there is by those followers of more ‘orthodox’ religions. One thing individual Spiritualists benefit from in their religious belief is the agreeable human centred focus of receiving a message from Beyond, whether privately or from a platform in a Spiritualist meeting/service.

How the recipient of a communication from a loved one in the realms of spirit – or even from ‘someone they didn’t know very well’ or ‘must have been a neighbour’ – feels a happiness to be the spiritual, non physical focal point of another human being’s attention for an amount of precious time – and the purveyor of said celestially imparted information, also feels good from having someone’s undivided concentration on them for a while too, both from spirit and down here is a fact of life.

Now whether or not such contact with the spirits of the dead produces a constant stream of irrefutable self identifications, astounding memory links and information about their loved ones’ current earthly situations etc, or offers the odd correct item per reading – it is a demonstrable fact that human beings do live in a multi dimensional universe of spirit and matter and are able to prove their immortality by sending messages back, via any kind of human medium, having shuffled off this mortal coil.

All this proves to us that in this complex modern age, we have the same inner concerns as in ancient times. The human race as a whole has never had much time, and a vast percentage of it not the inclination, to dwell on the spiritual aspects of its incarnation.

So from early on, individual people, either singly or in groups, who have concerned themselves with their own, and others’ spirituality, have been and are relied upon and resorted to in those matters. This fast moving impersonal technological material world of almost instant communication and networking has had little impact and effected no change in that state of affairs.

Groups holding particular spiritual beliefs and sharing rituals, ceremonials and customs arising from those beliefs, are still antagonistic to others – an antagonism that can mix with political views and socio-economic conditions which added to volatile situations can cause violent confrontations and conflict, and are doing so even now somewhere on this planet.

All sacred texts are held by too many to be works of fantasy, notwithstanding historical authenticities and latterly since 1848 and the advent of Modern Spiritualism scientific proof of spirit generated and manifested contacts and events.

Materialist evolutionists, who hold Darwin’s many times corrected and republished ‘On the Origin of Species’ as their sacred text, appeal to the same egocentric element of humanity that wishes to feel at one with the environment in which it finds itself, important yet deprecatory of self satisfaction, by telling it that it walks the earth, indeed, peoples the universe, by accident – along with every other creature, fauna and flora.

It tells us we were all born out of some primeval soup, all human beings having a common ancestor, an ape. They also point out that our dogs also are ‘descended from the wolf’, elephants grew smaller and horses grew bigger. On that note alone, I would ask you to look at your dog. Mine has short fat hairy legs, short fat body and a propensity to bark. The last time I saw a wolf it was a bit on the large side with very long legs and it howled.

At no point have we been treated to a fossil, so beloved of evolutionary theorists who wave the trilobites and dinosaur bones at us, of a wolf emerging into a sheep dog, or dare I say it, a Jack Russell.

Darwin himself knew that his conjectures were flawed by lack of such real evidence. He wrote: “Why, if species have descended from other species…do we not see everywhere innumerable transitional forms? He also wondered, “Why do we not see them embedded in countless numbers in the crusts of the earth?”

And of the famous author of ‘The Water Babies’, Reverend Charles Kingsley, he was most admiring as the Reverend had remarked that ‘the theory of ‘natural selection’ was ‘just as noble a conception of Deity’… The Water Babies was a spirit-filled morality tale from beginning to end.

Darwin also wrote at the conclusion of his book expounding his theories that has given so much ammunition to atheistic materialists as well as racists et al, ‘Life, with its several powers having been originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms or one…’ With a stroke of his pen giving the lie to his entire suppositional thesis!
Lord Alfred Russell Wallace, Darwin’s companion and fellow scientist distanced himself quite early on from his friend. He was known in Spiritualist circles. On a lighter note, we might ask, what of the turnip?

It appears that the self centred human is happy not to concern themselves over much with the possibilities of an evolution of vegetables, or why the turnip can salve human famine as it can lie unharvested in a year of glut to be dug up and eaten should the year after prove unfruitful.

Or the spiritual aspect of this plant that hides its edible root in the soil good or bad and has green leaves that are also nourishing and grows and is eaten in many countries from East to West.

On the spiritual note, the old Celtic and Pagan religionists used hollowed out turnips as lanterns at their Halloween/ Samhain ceremonies and celebrations, while less spiritually inclined perhaps, famous Roman, friend of the tyrant anti Christian Emperor Vespasian, Pliny the Elder, who died with his friends in Pompeii in 79CE/AD praised the turnip as both fodder for farm animals and as a prevention of famine in humans.

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