Taking a fresh, Spiritualist, look at the scriptures and finding much activity that we can understand in the light of Spiritualism’s modern knowledge of spirit dimension activity and manifestation of spiritual practice, mediumship and healing, here on earth – in the perceived physical universe.

Acts Chapter 16 verses 25-34

We must stay positive in times of trouble and positively search for the light in times of darkness.

A lot has been said and written about whether there should be hymns, songs and or music in places of worship over the centuries past. Even in Modern Spiritualism only established 164 years, our meetings are often divided on the subject.

The fact is that prayers – asking for help – and music – to raise the psychic energy levels – are both deemed powerful vehicles for spiritual upliftment and also as an aid to spirit manifestations. Other world impacting on this earthly plane on which we presently live.

There are extreme examples noted in the Bible. Especially noted is absence of light… In fact it seems we are closer to God and spirit when we are in a dark environment or in a sad or “dark” place within ourselves. Recorded in Acts Chapter 16 verses 25-34 Paul and Silas were in prison in Philippi. They were in a place which was cold and dark, both in their surroundings and as persecuted, beaten and imprisoned individuals. On both counts nearers to the Source.

They did not give in to despair, but as people who understood the power of good and Holy Spirit, they began to sing prayers and songs. Not only did this uplift their mental condition but it raised the vibrations so much that it caused the whole prison building and its contents to shake. The manacles that held Paul and Silas were also opened! Perhaps they sang Psalm 18. Verse 28 says: ‘Lord you light my lamp, you light my darkness’. or Psalm 27 opens with verse 1: ‘The Lord is the light of my salvation, whom should I fear!’

They knew that whether in the dark physically or mentally the secret is to know that you are not left alone; that you can overcome and influence yourself and your feelings and as a consequence your surroundings, with spirit-side help. Just as Paul and Silas did by lifting their own spirits,their energies, thereby becoming connnected more fully to the realms of light and the heavenly hosts, so can you.

The prison doors -and their shackles – were opened at midnight. The jailer was so shaken both literally and figuratively, that he took Paul and Silas to his own home and he and his family became followers of Jesus’s way too. May there be light in your darkness from now on.


Taking a look at an exemplary example; Exodus Chapter 3 verse1-6.

You are never too old to embark on a new spiritual venture. Moses was over 80 years of age when he was startled to hear a voice calling him by name literally out of the blue! Well out of a burning bush to be precise! What’s more, as he looked he realised that the bush had flames all around and within and yet it wasn’t actually being consumed by the fire!

Then he was told, by what he soon came to realise was the voice of the Lord, to take the tribes of Israel out of their slavery in Egypt and lead them to the promised land…You can’t blame Moses for balking or even not believing that he could do it. But after God had demonstrated His power by turning his staff into a snake – and turning his hand leprous then healing it, Moses – whose name reflected his beginnings, ‘found in a basket’, agreed to undertake this momentous task.

Moses then got into what the texts call ‘enquiring of the Lord’ in a ‘tent of meeting’ in ‘thick darkness’. What we understand as holding a seance and receiving communication in trance. So we should find in all this much encouragement, no matter our start in life or increasing years.

Check out Exodus, Chapter3 verses 1-6 and on…

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