Rev Lyn on Mermaid Body Found

Reverend Lyn Guest de Swarte casts her net to catch ‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ screened on Animal Planet and Watch TV and examines its contents. The word science refers to the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

It doesn’t confer any particular approval or certainty about the conclusions that may be made subsequently, and the word itself may be misused in an attempt to give credibility to less than believable argument or stance.

It isn’t inherently good or bad but it is much like a weapon inanimate of itself, dependent on the person or group of persons wielding it,that determines its use and the outcome. Science is also mooted as a discipline attaching itself to Spiritualist thought and practices. In this matter, there have often been pronouncements – where any are made at all – that the phenomena associated with Spiritualism is part of that scientific approach to life on earth, and that other worldly dimension exists as a purely ‘natural’ adjunct.

However, Spiritualist science should be considered as offering a metaphysical viewpoint to life on the earthly plane, with input, via well developed mediums, from spirit sources being able to give an insight into a material world that would shed a supernal and revealing light onto its often puzzling conditions and situations where they arise.

Take the fairly recent couple of discoveries made that were expanded upon and presented in television documentary style with dramatic ‘re-enactments’ of the finding of possible ‘merpeople’.

Entitled, ‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ it takes the actual reports of whales beaching in great numbers around the world – but in particular on the Washington, USA coast – and a recording made of sounds made by large sea mammals that also produced sounds previously never heard that were more complex, called ‘Bloop’ by the scientists involved, and proposes that this sparked a hunt by ‘scientists’ for a ‘new species’ aka the mythological mermaids who they infer may be dwelling in the deepest sea areas of this planet.

It was only possible to give popular credence to this story by drawing on that other now deep-rooted belief in the theory that we are all descended from apes…
The image of an ape-like creature with webbed hands and a fish’s tail is seemingly captured on a young boy’s mobile phone. We see him poking said ‘a-l c’ and it rearing up baring its teeth before the inevitable blank ending.

In amongst all the rest of these fervid imaginary projections we hear about how our common ancestry divided and when we climbed down from our bedrooms in the branches of trees, some of us were drawn back to the water from whence – apparently – we’d already come according to evolutionary theorists, and waded further and further out in our hunt for the fish – the consumption of which we are assured assisted our brains to grow as they did – then came the time when our fur fell out and this particular section of hairless apes then grew scales and learned to actually live in the sea.

All this definitely took place over several million years…The script writers are meticulous in their chronology…We go from 7 million through stages to 4 million. Of course there isn’t actually any proof of this, but then we’re used to not asking for any when it comes to the origin of species! The closest to the mermaid hoax I can think of is that perpetrated by Leakey in the 1950’s and his ‘discovery’ of a ‘missing link’ an ape-like but human skull the scientific minds of the day accepted and called the ‘Piltdown Man’.

Out of interest, when one of the actors playing at the role of bona fide scientist talked about the autopsy of the remains of a mysterious sea creature resembling a human with a tail, and said ‘but this pelvic formation would support legs’, one of my helpers from that other dimension of life chimed in – ‘well that’s because there would be legs’….For just a second I wondered if this meant that there was such an anomaly in existence – enclosed legs and a tail – but in the cold light of reason I realised that I was being told that this situation did not exist in reality.

One of the things that give one the advantage over such spurious scientific mumbo jumbo is to check stuff out against the story that we are told through great mediumship – close connection with the Highest Spirit – in the writings we call Genesis – the beginning.

If the film makers had used some of that instead of those other potted theories about human beings living in the seas they could have claimed more credibility methinks. After all, it’s suggested that the Garden of Eden lies between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers that run down into the Arabian Sea.

They could have opined that perhaps after Adam and Eve had received knowledge, the first part of which was to realise they needed to cover up a bit, another couple of humans had been banished into the waters naked to hide for all time – or would they have considered that scenario too far fetched?

When we contemplate the story of Genesis, the spare rib of the male human being used to create the female is an interesting but I think possibly unnecessary mechanism for the Creator of all there was, is, and ever will be. Perhaps the scribe writing down the text thought it a likely reason for a missing rib – or should it be true, that the ramifications regarding the interactions between the genders were in that way similarly dreamed up and written down.

Then there’s the problem of language and many copyings by hand for centuries. Today we read in the English language that woman is so named because she came out of man. Now there is no relationship between the words for man and woman in Greek or Latin.

However, Hebrew unsurprisingly does have; ish for man and ishah for woman. This is the starting point of reference for people who would quote the account in Genesis that they posite puts women in a subservient role. The errors in translations are easier to spot in the texts than the difficulties in relaying communication from Higher Spirit to the recipients!

For instance in Genesis, Chapter 1 verses 26 and 27; Chapter 2 verse 24 and Chapter 5 verses 1 and 2, it clearly states that God made both male and female and that this latter was not written of as a ‘helpmeet’ – the word did not exist in the old languages but surfaced in Elizabethan England – she was a ‘face to face’ equal in that relationship, and it also meant a suitable arrangement for procreation of their species.

Now Jesus is recorded as quoting Genesis 1:26-27 in Matthew Chapter 19 verses 4 and 5 in his answers to some Pharisees who were trying to find out his religious philosophy after the news of his healing ministry had spread.The reply he made is of significance for Spiritualists. Although it’s written ‘He made them in His image’ in the New Testament Gospels, in the original it is written ‘Let Us make them in Our image after Our likeness’…Jesus would not have misquoted those verses, especially in his own native language.

As well as knowing now that Jesus had many women among his followers and that some of their texts were ‘lost’, we know that those in the upper echelons – and the Uppermost when communicating with this earthly world, refer to themselves as Us…Jesus was – and is – very much a part of that Us. Interestingly too, the Hebrew, ‘elohim’ which is ‘Spirit’ plural, is often translated as God singular…’Ruach’ is translatable as wind, breath, or spirit…

In compiling their footage the film’s animation and special effects team produced stereotypical images of youthful mermaids on the one hand – and snarling apish looking monsters on the other. The film’s writers and directors had actors playing professorial researchers unconvincingly stuttering their supposed findings. In general they produced a script and treatment with a predictably atheistic raison d’etre for the existence of an almost moderately intelligent species of humanoids hiding away for millennia in the ocean depths.

It made a laughing stock of evolutionary theory and left spirit and the Holy Spirit right out of it so to that end I enjoyed the spoof.

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